Founded in 1995 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Vanguard has decades of experience delivering custom software solutions in a variety of technology products. Having successfully deployed in competitive industries, Vanguard’s team offers deep know-how and a tested go-to-market strategy.

Vanguard tackles large-scale challenges in industry verticals with an IP-driven view towards software development. Vanguard Video, the company division that developed its own breakthrough video encoding technology, was spun out as a separate entity to better serve our clients. In 2016, Vanguard Video was acquired by Beamr.

Vanguard Solutions continues to operate independently. We provide professional services for both startup and well-established companies. Members of our engineering team have advanced degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics and an excellent track record of developing commercially successful products.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Expert Systems
  • Data Sciences & Machine Learning
  • Video & Audio Applications
  • AI Applications
  • QA Solutions

Our team of computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers boasts decades of market-tested technical experience.


  • 650-397-5736
  • Vanguard Solutions, Inc.
    1905 Quail Meadow Rd
    Los Altos, CA